TripAdvisor Tells Amnesty International Where To Go


TripAdvisor has responded to the recent Amnesty International campaign asking them, and Expedia to stop offering holidays in what they call “illegal Israeli settlements.”

TripAdvisor believes that travelers coming to our site or app should have access to all relevant information available about a destination, including businesses currently open in those locations.

To this end, we aim to provide travelers with an apolitical, accurate and useful picture of all accommodations, restaurants and attractions that are currently open for business around the world.

We understand that this issue is a sensitive matter with cultural and political implications. The listing of a property or business on TripAdvisor does not represent our endorsement of that establishment. We provide the listing as a platform for guests to share their genuine experiences with other travelers. As such, we do not remove listings of properties or businesses that remain active and open for business.

With respect to where a location is listed on a map, TripAdvisor’s practices aim to be consistent with the travel industry and Internet search standards.

TripAdvisor will continue to monitor how other travel and Internet search companies list information about properties in the region as we aim to deliver a consistent experience to all of our users across the globe.

That’s a polite way of telling Amnesty International where to go.

(Yes, I am sure you see what I did there)

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