Code Pinker Ariel Gold Reveals Her Bigotry & Opposition to Entire State of Israel


Ariel Gold has once again revealed her true colors with this tweet – and they are not Pink.

If you recall, Young Gravy rapped his pride in being Jewish and indigenous to the land of Israel. This is clearly too much for Ariel Gold – who hates being called a “self-hating” or “bad” Jew – to bear. By attacking this proud Jew, Gold shows her bigotry against the Jewish people, of which she is supposedly part.

Note how she admits the kuffiyah (sic.) is a symbol of “Palestinian resistance”. Read: terrorism. It was, after all, popularized by arch terrorist Yasser Arafat, who spent his life murdering Jews.

And by suggesting Young Gravy celebrates occupation when he speaks of his pride in Israel, Gold is once again revealing she sees all of Israel as illegitimate. It is no wonder she is buddies with a Jew-hating, terror supporter like Bassem Tamimi, and wanted to go to Iran, a country bent on destroying the Jewish state.

So to put it bluntly: if Ariel Gold is not a bad Jew, I don’t know what is.

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