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Code Pinker Ariel Gold Fighting a Losing Battle Against History

Code Pink's Ariel Gold continues to make a fool of herself

Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s New Low

We already knew Code Pinker Ariel Gold is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and is severely lacking in morals and common sense. But I think she has reached a new low with this  tweet

Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s Latest Priceless Dumbassery

Ariel Gold goes after Jared Kushner for being "stupid". Not a good move.

Ariel Gold Selfie With Neturei Karta Backfires Spectacularly

Code Pink loon and Israel hater Ariel Gold tweeted this picture of her and the Neturei Karta in solidarity with Ilhan Omar.

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Calls Me a ‘Misogynist’

Following yesterday's post in which I pointed out Code Pink's ridiculous views on Iran and Israel as evidenced by their respective clothes while visiting both countries, Code Pinker Ariel Gold has attacked me

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Is Failing At BDS

Gold want us to believe she does the boycott thing properly (as opposed to the BDS movement itself). But she isn't.

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Reveals Her Bigotry & Opposition to Entire State of Israel

Ariel Gold has once again revealed her true colors with this tweet - and they are not Pink

WATCH: Ariel Gold Makes Fool of Herself….Again

Remember when Code Pinker Ariel Gold went on television and made a fool of herself? Apparently, she had ambitions to do it again.

Separated at Birth: Precious Edition

"Don’t tell me - or any other Jew - that I hate a precious part of myself. Just don’t" - Ariel Gold

“Greatest Act of Holocaust Denial of All Time” According to Jewish Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon

What transpired after I noticed a bit of a lovefest going on between Ariel Gold and Batya Ungar-Sargon, opinion editor at the Forward

Ariel Gold’s Crocodile Tears Over Being Called a “Self-Hating Jew”

Code Pinker Ariel Gold has latched on to the #FirstAntisemiticExperience Twitter hashtag campaign in order to complain about those who call her a "self-hating Jew."

Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s Fundraiser to Iran Blows Up in Her Face

Not going according to plan

WATCH: Comedy Gold! Code Pinker Ariel Gold Makes Fool of Herself on TV

Gold recently appeared on Fox's Laura Ingraham to defend the person she claims is the Jewish community's greatest ally.


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