Jerusalem Trolls Tel Aviv In Honor of Valentines Day. Hilarity Ensues


Remember when Tel Aviv trolled Jerusalem on Facebook on New Years Eve?

Jerusalem has decided to return the favor in honor of Valentines Day, and the results are just as glorious (hat tip: Yoel).

Jerusalem Municipality: Tel Aviv, are you going out tomorrow?

Benjamin Netanyahu: Don’t go wild, I’m returning from the Warsaw international conference tomorrow evening [kiss emoji]
Zaka (voluntary emergency response org): Enough! You’re killing us
Tel Aviv Municipality: You’re becoming a lefty
President Reuven Rivlin: Jerusalem, how come you, who always praises me, are going dancing with Tel Aviv?
TeleGrass: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, you’re so cute, send us a romantic photo of yours and maybe we’ll give a you a very special present
HP: The printing of the invitation card to your wedding is on us
Egged (bus company): I’ll be the chauffeur, yes?
Intel: We can’t even process what’s going on between you two
Netflix: I’m here for the bachelors. Need a recommendation for a good series?
IAF: Don’t forget we can see everything from above [GIF of Just Sayin’]

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