Photo of the Day: Never Again Edition


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My grandmother started crying a moment after this picture was taken. My mother thought it had upset her. But she explained that the opposite was true. As a survivor of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp who lost her parents and family in World War 2, holding my rifle was a meaningful experience for her. She understood that me, my rifle, and my brothers and sisters who serve in the Israeli Defense Force alongside me are a guarantee that our people will never suffer a similar fate again. She cried as she said a quick prayer of thanks. When people ask my why I risk my life and take on the hardships that go with serving in a combat unit in the IDF, I say that it’s a privilege. One that my grandparents didn’t have. Even today we are surrounded by nations who would like to exterminate us, and perhaps we always will be. But today we have the means to fight back and protect ourselves. – Ron Engleman Chief Instructor KMDI. #neveragain #kravmaga #kmdi #ww2 #yadvashem #israel #family #peace #idf #brotherhood #honor #inspiration #motivation #survival #victory #love #hope #faith #military #soldier #sheepdog #army

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