Haters Try to Connect NZ Mosques’ Massacre To Israel


I guess it was inevitable, but it makes it no less infuriating: Palestinian Arabs and other Israel haters have tried to connect the horrendous mosque massacres in New Zealand to Israel and the Jewish people.

Exhibit A: Accuse Israel of having actually perpetrated the massacre

Exhibit B: Compare the IDF to the mosque massacre perpetrators

Exhibit C: Mention that one time, 25 years ago, a Jewish man perpetrated a mosque massacre (which was condemned by 99.99% of his fellow Jews)

Exhibit D: Blame the massacre on those who have spoken out against antisemitism.

While these haters and others have been doing their thing, Israel and Jews worldwide have been offering their condolences and support.

It does not matter that there is no reciprocity when there are terror attacks against Jews and Israelis – right is right, and the murder of innocent people is abhorrent.

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