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New Zealand MP Duncan Webb Slips Up And Exposes Himself as an Antisemite

NZ Member of Parliament Duncan Webb slups up

New Zealand Mosque Apologizes for Ahmed Bhamji Blaming Mosque Massacres on Israel

A New Zealand mosque has apologized to the Jewish community for the comments of prominent Muslim leader Ahmed Bhamji, who claimed Israel was behind...

Prominent NZ Muslim Leader Ahmed Bhamji Doubles Down on Antisemitic Mosque Massacre Accusation

Following the video of prominent NZ Muslim leader blaming the mosque massacres on Israel, the story has finally made it to the media

WATCH: Prominent Muslim Leader in New Zealand Blames Mosque Massacres on Israel

I don't think any were expecting a thank you, but surely not this from a prominent Muslim leader in New Zealand

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan Implies Yair Netanyahu Responsible for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks

Time and others report that Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan has used footage of the New Zealand mosque shootings in a video montage. But what all the reports are missing is a key fact.

Haters Try to Connect NZ Mosques’ Massacre To Israel

Palestinian Arabs and other Israel haters have tried to connect the horrendous mosque massacres in New Zealand to Israel and the Jewish people.

WATCH: Hanukkah Salutations from The Land of the Hobbit

Being an Aussie, it is almost incumbent on me to make fun of the accent of our trans Tasman brothers and sisters in New Zealand

WATCH: NZ Hip Hop Artist Dean Hapeta Calls for War Against, And Death To,...

While accepting the Legacy Award at the 2018 Vodafone New Zealand Music Award (VNZMA) ceremony, Upper Hutt Posse frontman Dean Hapeta called for war against Israel and death "to all oppressors."

Indigenous People Supporting Another Indigenous People

The purpose was to make "a clear stand" and embrace Israel further tightening the bonds between the Māori and Israel

WATCH: NZ TV Presenter Can’t Resist Jab at Israel In Discussion on Eurovision Win

Hayley Holt could not resist getting political, putting "air quotes" around the idea that Jerusalem is Israel's capital

New Zealand Israel-Haters Seem to Want Shirley Temper to Dye

A few days ago, I posted the pro-palestinian parenting fail from NZ. Now the same demographic seems to be failing again..or are they?

BDS-Holes in New Zealand Show Their Bigotry

Bigotry, plain and simple


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