Omar Abu Laila, Murderer of Rabbi And Soldier, Killed in Firefight


We got our man – although “man” is being kind.

Omar Abu Laila, the 18-year-old murderer of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger and Sgt. Gal Keidan, has been killed in a firefight with IDF troops, sparing us having to capture him, only to release him in a future “prisoner exchange” deal.

Photos of the terrorist posted on social media and elsewhere show that this was not a man driven by poverty and desperation. The IntiPrada clearly lives on.

Naturally, palestinians and Israel haters on social media are praising this terrorist as a hero and calling his liquidation “murder.”

More here.

The word “laila” means “night” in Hebrew. And I am glad it is lights out for this vicious murderer.

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