WATCH: Jon Bon Jovi on Being “Very, Very Much” Excited to Be Returning to Israel


With Bon Jovi returning to Israel to play a concert in July, Israel’s Channel 12 has interviewed lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. And Jon has let it be known just how much he is looking forward to not only performing here again, but staying for an additional week with ten to twelve of his friends, just to be able to see Israel.

There’s also this from Ynet (auto-translated from the Hebrew)

“In the 35 years of our activity, we have visited many places, and there are only two countries that I wanted to visit, the first was Greece and the second was Israel,” Bon Jovi told Ynet in 2010. Once there was a tourist, but the performance there was tremendous, and then when the opportunity finally came to Israel in 2015, I could not wait, and some of my friends joined in and planned to stay longer, but here is the story the world does not know. And the children were supposed to join in and planned to travel in Jerusalem, but then my son Jake, now 16 years old, had a severe ear infection so the doctor said he could not try . I could stay a week and do what I planned, I had to leave all of your friends. I did not go away except once for a meal nearby. ”

“I felt as if I had put my blindfold on purpose because I was prevented from experiencing the place I wanted most to see in the world,” he recalls. “I appeared in the park, and it was dark and all I could see were the thousands coming Then I just got in the car and went up to the hotel. The next day I packed up and went to the airport and promised myself I’d come back. ”

On his return to Israel for a second, larger and more spectacular performance, he says he is risking further pressure from the boycott organizations around the world.

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