Priceless! Richard Silverstein Gets Owned (Yet Again)

After 4IL, the social media outlet for Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, sent out an April Fool’s prank on Roger Waters that went exactly as planned, DouchebloggerTM and star of the hit show Murder She Wrote, Richard Silverstein, took to Twitter to make of the fact that 4IL’s Twitter only had a “pathetic” 2,000 followers.

Completely not understanding how social media works, Silverstein, who has had around the same number of followers for the past 5 years, had the following effect on 4IL’s Twitter account only 24 hours later


Within a week, the account will surpass Silverstein’s handle that he has owned since June 2009. So next time you feel like making fun, Richard, remember that actions have consequences.

– TheMossadIL

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