Jibril Rajoub Pressures Spanish Soccer Team Not to Play in Israel…From Comfort of His Israeli Hospital Bed


We already knew Palestinian Football Association Head Jibril Rajoub was a piece of work. And a piece of something else too. But how’s this for audacity? (hat tip: Yoel)

In recent days, the chairman of the Palestinian labor federation, Jibril Rajoub, has been exerting heavy political pressure to cancel the arrival of the Atlético Madrid soccer team to Israel for a showcase game with Beitar Jerusalem, a game scheduled for the 21st of the month in less than two weeks.

The pressure exerted by Rajoub is so strong that he sent a letter to the Spanish team, in which he wrote that the game in which they would participate in what he called occupied Palestine. In the same letter he even warned of possible sanctions and would appeal to international courts if they decide to participate in a game in Israel

But it seems that the Spanish luxury club is a little less moved by the words of Rajoub. Idan Ofer, one of the group’s owners, said that “Atletico will play in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Sport is supposed to bridge between peoples and people and not to separate them.”

At the same time, while Rajoub is threatening Atlético not to come to Israel and Jerusalem, he seems to have no problem receiving services in Israel. Yesterday he was evacuated to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for urgent medical treatment. Sources familiar with the details confirmed the details, but the hospital itself refused to comment.

Chutzpah maybe a Jewish word, but it seems to be a palestinian Arab thing.

I don’t know who’s more stupid – Rajoub for doing this, or us for saving his life.

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