Geeks Are Sexy Removes Antisemitic Comic Strip Following My Post

Last year, I posted about this comic on the website Geeks Are Sexy, one me and many others felt was antisemitic:

I should point out some readers felt the comic was actually poking fun at antisemites.

Given the comic is not particularly funny, I still feel it plays into antisemitic tropes.

Be that as it may, I received this email from the owner of Geeks are Sexy:

Oh my god. I am so sorry. I stumbled on this article:


I’m the guy who runs geeks are sexy. I’m also French Canadian. I had no idea about the implication behind that comic (I’m not a native English speaker.) I removed the post and I apologize. I know a lot of people say there are no excuses for ignorance, but it truly is the case.

Once again, sorry about that.

Yan [GAS]

What a pleasant surprise. I commend Yan for showing such understanding and integrity.

Perhaps geeks are sexy after all.

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