Libel: The Palestinian Teacher Killed in a “Settler” Hit-And-Run


The following story has been doing the rounds on social media for the past month, being spread by antisemitic and anti-Israel scum and villainy:

Israeli Jewish settler has run over and killed female Palestinian teacher in Khirbet al-Dira in Taqou Neighbourhood, east of West Bank city of Bethlehem.
The teacher was identified as Fatima Sulieman, 42 years old.

Local sources told Palestine Post 24 that the Israeli Jewish settler hit the car of the teacher and when she took off to see what happened, the settler hit her and ran over her body.

According to the sources, the extremist Jewish settler continued driving his way carelessly as if he did nothing wrong.

As of the time of this post, it has been shared over 13,600 times on Facebook alone.

Naturally, it is a lie.

Palestinians gathered for the funeral of a 42-year-old woman who was killed in an accident with an Israeli truck in the West Bank town of Tekoa, southeast of Bethlehem on Thursday.

The woman, a teacher named in Palestinian media but whose identity had yet to be confirmed by the authorities, was involved in a collision between the truck sporting Israeli plates and a compact Dacia Sandero.

According to a report published in Palestine Now quoting the family of the victim, the woman allegedly came out of her car to inspect the damage of the collision, but was then ran over by the truck, which drove away. She was first reported as injured, but later died. Due to the circumstances of the accident and the high scrutiny, the family of the victim has decided to hire a wrongful death lawyer to investigate the case.

Security camera footage released in the days after the incident showed, however, that the woman’s vehicle reversed into traffic with the driver door open. The truck hit the back of the car, immediately slowing down and coming to a halt. The woman did not come out of the car.

Channel 12 correspondent reached by i24NEWS dismissed the possibility of a hit-and-run, and said that the truck driver, whose identity was yet to be confirmed, had come out to help.

The correspondent said that police confirmed the series of events and disputed the Palestinian family’s narrative.

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