George Galloway Sacked From Talk Radio for ‘Antisemitic Tweet’


Anti-Zionist-not-Antisemite George Galloway – who threatens to sue anyone who calls him antisemitic – has been sacked from Talk Radio for what they call an antisemitic tweet.

Here is the tweet in question:

Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hostspur in the Champions League final. Tottenham is not an Israeli side but has a very large Jewish following. So do the math whether or not this tweet is antisemitic.

Naturally, Galloway is threatening to sue all those who dare claim he was being antisemitic.

One of the many, many people who believe the tweet is antisemitic is Lord Sugar, business magnate and former Spurs Chairman.

Again, you can decide whether or not George Galloway is antisemitic. All I will say is he is clearly a Richard Cranium of the highest order.

Here’s hoping he is left begging for his supper.

Update: Liverpool’s Tony Barrett rips Galloway with this pearl of a tweet


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