UNRWA Aid Being Illegally Sold to Gazans


Advertised on the Facebook page of Saqa Market in Gaza earlier this year: UNRWA milk.

8 shekels is approximately $2.20 USD.

Note what it says on the packet – “Not For Sale.”

Here’s a clearer look, which reveals more of the writing:

“Not for sale…for free distribution to palestine refugees.”

According to the UNRWA website, only those who fall under the definition of “abject poor” or are between the abject poverty line and the absolute poverty line, qualify for this food assistance. My guess is some of this aid was stolen and sold to the store, probably by corrupt UNRWA employees.

Either way, UNRWA aid is being misused, and Gazans are being exploited.

Note also the comment to the Saqa Market advertisement above. Someone is inquiring about the expiration date, which might indicate there is a concern expired products are being sold.

The question is why aren’t human rights organizations, including UNRWA, raising a stink over this? Why is the finger always pointed at Israel for the plight of Gazans, but not at their own people?

No Jews, no news.

Hat tip: Imshin via Maks

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