Gaza Propaganda Story Paints Telling Picture About Entire ‘Palestinian Cause’


Turkey’s TRT World has a story about a Gazan artist called Ali al Jabali, who paints on destroyed buildings in Gaza “to capture what it means to live in the besieged city.” (as Quds News Network puts it).

Meet Ali al Jabali, an artist who paints on destroyed buildings in Gaza to capture what it means to live in the besieged city.

Posted by Quds News Network on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My reactions to this are two-fold:

  • Wow, what a talented artist
  • Wow, isn’t this so typical of the “palestinian cause”?

Rather than the Hamas “government” in Gaza dealing with the rampant unemployment – not to mention beautifying the place – by hiring Gazans to rebuild these damaged buildings, we have a situation in which the buildings are just left destroyed and someone like Ali al Jabali coming along and using his prodigious talents to create a propaganda museum.

Do you think any of the destroyed buildings in Southern Israel have not had reconstruction on them at least started? I can also assure you no residents of Southern Israel thought to make a museum out of any of them, knowing the building would remain a pile of rubble.

Of course, if Hamas spent the foreign aid properly (rather than on things like terror tunnels and rocket production), then Ali himself may also have a regular paying job (although it is very possible Hamas commissioned him to paint the building, something TRT World would not dare mention. Because, agenda). But Hamas do not really care about regular Gazans – we know this because besides siphoning off foreign aid money, they use them as human shields, which is a main reason buildings in their “residential” neighborhoods get hit to begin with.

The entire “palestinian cause” is predicated on perpetuating “victim-hood” and preserving any misery and suffering for maximum propaganda effect. It is why there are still UNRWA refugee camps after 70 years, instead of the many, huge Arab and Muslim countries absorbing the refugees like tiny Israel absorbed ours. It is also why their leadership has rejected every peace offer Israel has put on the table.

And palestinian Arabs of all stripes continue to use their talents towards one ultimate (destructive) goal.

Naturally, so many palestinians and their allies do not get it. Their misery and suffering is not the consequence of their own actions but the fault of Israel. Or more specifically, the Jews, who have the chutzpah to exist.

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