WATCH: Antisemite Jenny Tonge Saying All The Wrong Things About the Rise of Antisemitism

Today, there was a debate in the House of Lords on the “rise of antisemitism worldwide.”

One of those actually contributing to this rise in antisemitism, “Jihad” Jenny Tonge, decided it was a a good idea to speak on the topic.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

“Highlights” include:

  • Comparing herself to (Jewish) hero Daniel in the lion’s den
  • Saying Jeremy Corbyn is not antisemitic (followed by an absolutely priceless expression on some guy’s face)
  • Admitting Corbyn and her both have a tendency to not express themselves in the right way (no sh*t Sherlock!)
  • Talking about how stories of the Holocaust “haunted” her childhood (which makes her posting this even more reprehensible)
  • Expressing her disappointment the discussion was about antisemitism, rather than a rise in hatred generally
  • Suggesting Israel’s actions lead to a rise in antisemitism
  • “What is now called the Jewish state” – as if this label is a new thing
  • Complaining she is falsely accused of being an antisemite, making herself the victim
  • Adamantly insisting she is not a Jew hater
  • Some of her best friends are Jewish. Yes, she seriously went there.

For Tonge to stand there and insist she is not antisemitic is the ultimate in chutzpah.


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