Latest Libel: Gazans Not Beehiving Like They Used To


MEMO has released a video bee-moaning the threat to beekeeping in Gaza.

No prizes for guessing who is to blame.

Naturally, it is a complete lie.

For a start, Israel is not razing agricultural land and citrus trees in Gaza. We have not been in Gaza since we withdrew unilaterally in 2005 (incidentally, we know how Gazans treated the greenhouses we left behind). But I would imagine those terror tunnels Hamas and friends constructed may have had an impact. And if they are claiming we are razing agricultural land and citrus trees on our side, even if that was true, their sending incendiary kites to burn the same land would be having a more detriment effect.

Other anti-Israel reports on the internet blame the issue on other things. For instance, this one blames it on “Israeli assaults in the past years in Gaza City”, as well as difficulties in “obtaining beekeeping supplies in the Gaza Strip after the ongoing blockade.” This one talks of Gazans being “unable to import Italian queens since the beginning of the Israeli siege on Gaza”and “shortage of medicines and antibiotics urgently needed to maintain the beehives health and prevent against bee epidemics” (although it also mentions the “prevalence of varroosis – a disease caused by an external parasitic mite that kills honeybees” and the destruction of smuggling tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border, neither of which can be blamed on Israel).

MEMO seem to have forgotten they themselves gave a different reason here: a lack of medicines used in beekeeping under Israeli blockade. Oops! Get your story straight at least.

If there is a decline in production, it is likely not Israel’s fault. For instance, this report blamed it on urban sprawl and a lack of official interest. And this report suggests until this year, there was a five-year decline of honey production in Israel, and in Israel and abroad, there has been a phenomenal disappearance of bees expanding in number from year to year worldwide, with about a third of the bees having disappeared from around the world. In other words, it has been a general problem and not Israel’s fault at all. The good news is that “the heavy rains and large range of flower blooms” will lead to an increase in honey production this year.

Bee that as it may, if Gaza was truly suffering from a significant reduction in honey production, I am not sure if using bees for bee sting therapy is a great idea.

In other words, this is yet another example of anti-Israel propagandists treating the truth with contempt. Kind of like Nahoul the Bee is treating the cat in this Hamas video.


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