Jason Greenblatt Strikes Back at Seething PA: Stop Pretending Jewish History Isn’t True!


Yesterday, US Ambassador David Friedman and US special envoy Jason Greenblatt attended the inaugural ceremony of the discovery of “Pilgrim’s Road” in Jerusalem’s Old City. It included hammering through a final wall standing in front of the archeological tourist site (a ceremonial cardboard wall, mind you).

Naturally, palestinian seething ensued, with the PA Ministry saying their participation underscores the US administration’s support for the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.

If you ask me, Jason Greenblatt’s response to this was just as powerful as hammering through the wall.

Indeed. I’d just add that the palestinians should also stop pretending that elements of their history they present are true.

True peace can only be built on truth. The palestinian refusal to acknowledge Jewish history and our right to be here at all is the main obstacle to peace. And it will take more than a sledgehammer to overcome it.

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