The Great Lobster Cover-Up of 2019


Not the best way to un-see food:

Israel’s envoy to Brazil was ridiculed on social media this week after the embassy apparently attempted to conceal the fact that he ate lobster with President Jair Bolsonaro by clumsily photoshopping an image of the two men’s meal.

The Israeli mission on Sunday tweeted a picture of Yossi Shelley and Bolsonaro eating lunch before attending a Brazil-Peru soccer game. Their plates were blurred with black marks — an apparent attempt to hide the fact that Shelley was eating a non-kosher meal.

However, the sloppy editing did not fully hide the food, leaving the offending crustaceans plainly visible.

It is a shame he did not think to just crop the photo – would have made things a lot easier.

On the plus side, maybe this a peace opportunity – we can discuss with the Iranians lessons learned and ways to improve our Photoshop craft.

Update: This reminds me of this scene from The Office:


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