WATCH: Egyptian Professor’s Bizarre Blood Libel


Meet Fouad M. Abdel Waheb, Egyptian Professor of Hebrew at King Saud University.



Egyptian Professor of Hebrew Dr. Fouad AbdelWahed: Jews Eat Matzos Prepared with Human Blood (Donated by Jews) on Passover

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed, an Egyptian professor of Hebrew at King Saud University, said in a June 13, 2019 episode of the antisemitic Egyptian TV show "Blue Line" that some Jews eat matzos that contain human blood on Passover. He said that he believes that some members of the community donate the blood for the purpose of preparing the matzo, and that the practice – which he said is today limited to "extremist" haredi Jews – was once widespread among Jews. Dr. AbdelWahed also said that the consumption of this matzo has negative effects on one's health. The show aired on Channel 2 TV (Egypt).To see more:

Posted by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Sunday, July 14, 2019

Besides being malicious, what he says is entirely bizarre.

He admits he has no idea where they get the so-called human blood from, yet then goes on to say he believes it is “like a sacrifice by some Jews” or “a sort of donation.” Make up your mind, Pinnochio! Although to take the glass half-full approach, at least it is not Christian babies this time.

He then goes on to speak about the health hazards of eating human blood – as if that would be the issue.

For the record, blood is prohibited to consume according to Jewish law – even animal blood, let alone human blood.

You shall not eat any blood… (Leviticus 7:26)

I will say this, though. This Jew-hating liar has one hell of a poker face.

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