Saeb Erekat Wants Everyone To Know He Condemned Hamas’ Call To Slaughter Jews. I Want Everyone to Know Saeb is a Hypocrite and Liar


Chief Palestinian Propagandist Saeb “Massacre” Erekat has been one of those condemning Hamashole Fathi Hammad’s “let’s slaughter the Jews worldwide” statements. And boy does he want everyone to know it.

According to the Times of Israel:

“When I saw that statement, I couldn’t take it. So I had to go in Arabic and English, calling it repugnant,” he told The Times of Israel in a phone call, adding that the comments made him feel like he wants “to vomit.”

Erekat has long said that he has great respect for Judaism. In an interview in June, he said that Judaism is “one of God’s great religions.”

Religion shouldn’t be used for political purposes, eh Saeb? You consistently condemn calls to murder Jews, do you? Respect the Jewish religion?

Funny, because I don’t recall a peep out of you when Hammad said this:

or this:

Nor did you speak out to condemn your boss after this:

or this:

or this:

There was also no condemnation by you after this denial of Jewish history:

“[the recently opened ancient road at the City of David archeological site] has nothing to do with religion, it is fake.. It’s a settlement project. It’s based on a lie that has nothing to do with history.”

or this expression of a desire to keep Jews out of a palestinian state.

“..nobody should agree to Israeli settlers remaining in the Palestinian [state]. We must not compare a Palestinian [whose family] lived in Palestine [long] before Netanyahu or his forefathers arrived, and who is still living there, to a settler who is living on Palestinian soil [and maintaining his presence there through] coercion, oppression and unacceptable [use of] force.”

Actually, those last two examples were things YOU said.

So quit taking us for fools.

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