Those Bellyaching Hamas Leaders


In case you missed it -and you may very well have because the mainstream media, as well as so-called human rights organizations and others who constantly bash Israel, have been largely silent on this – Lebanon has been cracking down on unlicensed labor as part of a campaign directed at Syrian refugees, to force them to return home. This has included palestinian refugees, causing them to protest at what they call the “discriminatory” laws against them.

In order to discuss the Lebanese labor ministry’s decision, on Friday a Hamas delegation in Lebanon visited Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri. Here’s a photo from that meeting:

Here’s also a photo from a Hamas delegation meeting in Iran from a few years ago (incidentally, they are back in Iran this weekend to plot against Israel):

Notice anything?

Here’s what I am getting at: they are have nice big fat bellies.

Yes, I am fat-shaming these Hamas leaders who are profiting from their people’s suffering to line their own pockets and live the good life.

It is no wonder they are trying to perpetuate the conflict, not end it.

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