WATCH: Peak Corbyn Response to Question on Antisemitism of the Left


In a recent interview with Sky News, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was questioned extensively about antisemitism within the party. His response to a question regarding whether some on the Left “have a blind spot on antisemitism” is peak Corbyn.

For a start, note the visible sign of annoyance at the question.

Then there’s the substance of the response. Corbyn begins by speaking of “people in politics” – not the Left to which the question was pertaining to.

He then continues to describe the very real and troubling Jew hatred as merely some “dipping into antisemitic tropes and language.” No, Jeremy. So many on the Left are up to their necks in the sewer.

He concludes his response with pointing a finger at the rise of the far Right, without even once mentioning the antisemitism of the Left.

As I said, this is peak Corbyn. G-d help the UK if he ever gets in to power.

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