Another Great Israeli Invention But What’s With the Name?

Another day, another ingenious Israeli invention.

Anti-drone technology recently developed in Israel can seize control of enemy drones and land them anywhere. Taking control of the drones without causing them damage makes it possible to reuse them and extract any data that the drone collected prior to its interception.

“The system that we developed can detect hostile drones at a range of up to three and a half kilometers [about 2 miles] and take control of about 200 drones at the same time,” Asaf Lebovitz, the product manager of Skylock, one of the Israeli companies that have developed the technology, told Haaretz.

I like the idea of seizing control of enemy drones. Certainly increases the chances of more of this kind of thing.

Although not a fan of the company name Skylock. Too close for comfort.

Also rhymes with Shylock. What were they thinking?

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