Message to Israel from a Lebanese Woman


The following message was posted on Reddit:

I’m Lebanese. I casually check this sub out because the media is obviously very subjective. It was from here that I learned the drones were Iranian for example. I thought Israel was just attacking us out of nowhere because frankly that’s what the media is telling us. I just wanted to say that Hezbollah does not represent us all. Some of us genuinely just want peace and nothing else. It seems very unlikely at this point and I’m actually depressed because of that. We’re doomed to live as human shields for parties that control the entire country. I have no hope. I was suicidal a few months back and now this new tension is giving me anxiety attacks and putting me back in that dark place. I hope from the bottom of my heart that I can witness peace in my lifetime. You all genuinely seem like a peaceful people. I respect how educated and technologically advanced you all are. You’ve done with the land what none of us could have achieved. If only we could all live together and join forces for the betterment of all of our countries… All I can say is I hope you all stay safe. We are all victims of people in power.

The anonymous Redditer seems to be a woman and a self-described “closeted ex-Muslim.” I sincerely wish her the best of luck and hope her wishes for this region come true.

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