Pallywood Gets Its Ridiculous On Again


A palestinian propaganda Facebook page has published the following:

To say that my Spidey senses immediately tingled is an understatement. This was clearly a ridiculous lie, given never in the history of this conflict have any IDF soldiers used machine guns and grenade launchers on a person approaching a checkpoint – even a terrorist. The palestinians do not deploy Terminators, after all.

But it gets even more ridiculous than that. You see, this is not a matter of a palestinian propaganda site co-opting a photo. It is a palestinian propaganda site co-opting a cartoon (albeit an anti-Israel one).

This is up there with these Pallywood classics:

Hamas propaganda uses Hollywood – The Final Destination 4

Hamas propaganda uses Hollywood horror movie stills as photos of "Palestinian victims."It's almost too ridiculous to believe. WATCH and SHARE!Video by the IDC Student Union

Posted by StandWithUs on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Once again, the only thing butchered here is the truth.

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