AJ+’s Vile Video Denying the Antisemitism of the Left

AJ+ – the millennial arm of Al Jazeera – has come out with a video so vile, it is hard to believe.

But then you remember this is Al Jizz we are talking about – masters in lies and antisemitism.

The premise of the video? Those who accuse actual Jew haters of the Left are really just White supremacist/Islamophobes, because only those on the Right can be antisemites – especially the Zionists. Instead, those on the Left being accused of antisemitism – like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – are really only being critical of Israel.

And look, Trump!!

in order to pull this off, Al Jizz has found a Jewish beard, because otherwise people would more easily see this video for the antisemitic tripe that it is. He’s a guy called Matt Lieb, who is as creepy as his mustache, and as funny as antisemitism itself.


The entire video is a bait-and-switch, but allow me to point out just some of the dishonesty.

At the beginning of the video, after mentioning Mel Gibson, Lieb brings up the Rothschild conspiracy theory – implying it is the domain of the far Right antisemites.

Here’s the thing – it is very much disseminated by the types of antisemites of the Left who Lieb spends the video defending. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves. And yes, this includes an Instagram account followed by Rashida Tlaib herself.

Another lie is Lieb’s claim that “From the River to the Sea” is not actually a call for genocide. It really is.

Of course, Lieb and Al Jizz have no interest in the truth – just to minimize the antisemitism of the Left and further demonize Israel and her supporters.

By turning real antisemitism into some kind of joke, Matt Lieb and his Al Jizz family are emboldening the Jew haters of the Left, and paving the way for even more antisemitic attacks against Jews.

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