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New Black-Jewish Congressional Caucus is a (Sick) Joke

am fine with admitting I was wrong. This initiative is not wonderful.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Tweeted What?

Ilhan Omar really needs to quit Twitter

Once Upon a Time the Jew Haters Were Gassing Us. Now They Are Gaslighting...

Definition of gaslight: to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane

WATCH: Rashida Tlaib on How 911 Affected Her

In a video released by "Makers", US Rep. Rashida Tlaib speaks about how 911 pushed her to be more involved in politics and her community.

Not-Antisemitic Ilhan Omar Endorses Idea That Jesus Was ‘Palestinian’

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who we are told is not antisemitic, clearly feels pretty untouchable at the moment. So much so, that she has retweeted this highly offensive tweet by a hater, claiming Jesus was 'Palestinian.'

Jews With Ilhan: Very Much Not Jewish, With Bonus Antisemite

A group called Jews With Ilhan has posted a following statement in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar. But check out the signatories.

Nathaniel Friedman’s Asshole Problem

So some writer called Nathaniel Friedman thinks any Jew who has been offended by Rep. Ilhan Omar's repeated antisemitic statements is an asshole.

About THOSE 911 Comments of Ilhan Omar

My thoughts on Rep. Ilhan Omar's 911 comments, as tweeted by US President Donald Trump

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Rep. Ilhan Omar

To Omar, it's all about the Jews

Somali News Site States Israellycool is the Israeli Government (Updated)

A Somali news site is claiming I am the Israeli government, and I stated the allegation about Ilhan Omar as fact

Did Somalia Recall Ambassador to UNHRC After Phone Call From Rep. Ilhan Omar?

After Somalia abstains from anti-Israel UNHRC resolution, its ambassador the UN is recalled. Did Rep. Ilhan Omar play a part in that?

Report: Rep. Ilhan Omar Played On Phone & Laughed During “Antisemitism” House Resolution

Just when you think Rep. Ilhan Omar couldn't be more despicable, along comes a report like this

Even Some of Ilhan Omar’s Somali-American Constituents Admit Her Words Were Antisemitic

Here's a worthwhile New York Times report (yep, I said it), in which recently some of Ilhan Omar’s Somali-American constituents were interviewed about her antisemitic comments


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