Tommy Corbyn (Son of Sham) Shows His Nasty Side Again


The son of sham is at it again.

Actress and antisemitism campaigner Tracy Ann Oberman has accused Jeremy Corbyn’s son of setting his “Labour outriders” on her after she jokingly tweeted a picture of his father at the theatre where she is in a play.

Ms Oberman, who is playing the lead role in Mother of Him at the Park Theatre, in Finsbury Park north London, discovered the Labour Leader had turn up to the theatre and shared a photo of him on her Twitter feed.

Mr Corbyn was attending the theatre, which is in his constituency, on Friday with his wife and Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti.

Her tweet then caught the attention of Mr Corbyn’s son, Tommy, who accused Ms Oberman of being a “troll.”

Ms Oberman has been a vocal campaigner against antisemitism online and has spoken out about how that has led to her being trolled online.

She said Tommy Corbyn had “set his Labour Outriders on me because he didn’t like my jokey picture of his Dad the EHRC king and Whitewash Report Chakrabarti So guess what – I’m going to tweet it again – you don’t intimidate me.”

Speaking to the JC Ms Oberman said: “The tweet was clearly a jokey nod to my followers and I am shocked that Tommy Corbyn can attack me for posting it when neither he nor his father have spoken out about the abuse I and many others have received in his fathers name

Junior would know all about nasty – being quite the chip off the old antisemitic block.

As for being a troll, I dunno. As I posted before, he seems more hobbit.

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