‘P Is For Palestine’ Book Reading A Complete Bust

A reading of terror-inciting children’s book “P is for Palestine” has eventually gone ahead after generating much controversy, causing its postponement. And I am sure it is a coincidence the reading was scheduled right before a Jewish holiday

Thankfully, it was an utter flop, as was the protest in support of it.

Meanwhile, Bashi uploaded video of her (whining) from before and after the event. She admits it was a complete bust, but blames that on you-know-who. She also lies that the protests against her were violent and that she was targeted partially because of her ethnicity. She even tries to compare herself to a Black person during the days of segregation – straight from the Linda Sarsour/Ilhan Omar playbook.

Note also the elderly woman’s vile words about “the Zionists.”

Yes, some of her best (self-hating) friends might be Jewish but she is not fooling the rest of us.

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