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Jewish Father: ‘P is for Palestine’ Author Golberg Bashi Told Dangerous Lie to Our...

One of the father's at the book reading recalls Golbarg Bashi's pernicious lie

‘P is for Palestine’ Author Golbarg Bashi Lets Her Antisemitism Shine Through in Unhinged...

Author Golbarg Bashi has posted an enlightening post on Facebook - enlightening in the sense that it seems to confirm my opinion that she is a Jew hater.

‘P Is For Palestine’ Book Reading A Complete Bust

A reading of terror-inciting children's book "P is for Palestine" has eventually gone ahead after generating much controversy, causing its postponement. But it was an utter flop.

P is for Palestine Author Golbarg Bashi ‘Likes’ Antisemitic Comment

Golbarg Bashi, the author of children's book P is for Palestine, which glorifies terrorism against Israelis, has indicated her approval of an antisemitic comment

P is for Palestine Author’s Latest Book

Golbarg Bashi of P is for Palestine infamy (#PisforPalestine!) is writing a new book

P is For ‘Pope Goes the Weasel’

From "Monks" to the Pope - P is for Palestine author Golbarg Bashi sure likes exploiting religion to help spread her propaganda

Book Culture Promoting Book Glorifying Palestinian Violence & Terrorism

P is for Palestine is as bad as it sounds

P Is For Palestine

My answer to a real children's book


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