WATCH: Jewish Student at GW University Rips Student Association For Ignoring Some Kinds of Antisemitism


Student groups at George Washington University in Washington, D.C recently called on the school to adopt the U.S. State Department’s definition of antisemitism in the aftermath of this viral video.

At their student assembly, members of the student association struck clauses of a resolution on antisemitism (‘The Anti-Semitism Condemnation Act) specifically addressing how Jewish students face antisemitism on campus through anti-Zionism.

This prompted the following impassioned speech from Noah Shufutinsky, a Jewish student and Zionist (who is also a talent rapper I have featured on here before).

You can watch the entire proceedings here. There are some other good speeches, but also, unfortunately, some from anti-Israel Jews who provide antisemites with their “some of my best friends are Jewish” alibi against allegations of Jew hatred.

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