Violent Anti-Israel Protesters at York University Call for Murder of Jews


The Israel haters continue to show exactly the type of people they are, and for what they stand.

At least one person was injured as attempts by an anti-Israel group to shut down an event at York University turned violent Wednesday night.

Members of York’s Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) arrived at the university to disrupt a school-sanctioned panel discussion with Reservists on Duty, an organization of former members of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF.)

Videos posted online show SAIA protesters — some concealing their faces with keffiyeh scarves — inside York’s Vari Hall loudly protesting the discussion, shouting pro-Palestine slogans and waving Palestine flags.

Another video features participants shouting “viva, viva Intifada.”

Another video shows the two groups throwing punches and grappling in a stairwell until broken up by police.

The violence has sparked condemnation online, with B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn calling for York University to take action.

“Further investigation is required into how a registered student group was permitted to glorify terrorism and attempt to intimidate those peacefully assembling on campus,” he wrote on Twitter.

York Centre MPP and university alum Roman Baber likewise wants an investigation into what led to the violence.

“Make no mistake — this was not peaceful protest,” he said in a statement. “This was an attempt to shut down a university-sanctioned event, using violence and intimidation.”

He said he’s been in contact with both university administration and Toronto Police for an explanation, and is calling for the creation of a ‘concrete plan’ of ensuring the safety of the school’s Jewish students.

On Twitter, Premier Doug Ford expressed his disappointment with York University for allowing the ‘hate-filled protest,’ expressing his support both for Jewish students and the community.

“There is no place in Ontario for racism and hatred,” he tweeted.


To be clear, calls for an “initifada” are calls for the murder of maiming of Jews. In the palestinian initifadas launched in Israel, over 10,000 Israelis have been murdered and maimed by suicide bombings, planted bombs, shootings, stonings, stabbings, lynchings, rockets, and other methods of attack. This is not a call for “peaceful resistance.”

And when they chant “the occupation has to go”, they are not speaking about us leaving the lands liberated in 1967. They are speaking about the destruction of the entire Jewish state.

Screengrab from this video

So it is not surprising these protesters are violent.

These protesters are not the exception to the rule – they are the rule.

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