Arab Man Posts Video of Himself Pretending to Bless a Jew…But Really Cursing Him


On TikTok, an Arab man has posted a short video of himself “blessing” an Orthodox Jew (Hat tip: Uri).

This is the “blessing” the Arab man recited to the Jewish man, to which he told him to say “amen.”

My hand is on you (e.g so may it come to pass)
God will not heal you
Your youth will burn
Cursed is the day that he made you
May your head always be down in the gutter/dumpster
And that you won’t even find a piece of bread to eat.

I would say this is why they can’t have nice things…but they sure as hell can (and do).

Thankfully, this man does not represent the attitude of most of our Arab-Israeli citizens.

Update: The video I posted above is not the original version, for which embedding now seems disabled. The original is here and has over 4000 likes.

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