Is Paul Joseph Watson an Antisemite or Just a Troll?


Paul Joseph Watson is a populist pundit, whose rants against Islamic terror have made him rather popular among pro-Israel people.

I have never really been a fan, especially after he posted this video criticizing Israel for defending herself against the Islamic terrorists in Gaza. Occasional Israellycool contributor Brian has argued that this video should be put to rest, since he has published a more recent video supporting Trump’s Jerusalem announcement.

But PJW has just posted a video lambasting reactions to the US killing of arch terrorist Qassim Soleimani. And it contains a rather problematic few moments (hat tip: Faith).

I think Brian hit the nail on the head with this tweet

Having said that, Brian had this to say to me about PJW

“In my opinion he was having a mild dig at Trump tipping off Netanyahu as the only world leader who really knew this was happening, which PJW said on Twitter – and which he got dog piled on for antisemitism. This is his inside joke about himself being called an antisemite for pointing out that Israel and Bibi’s special relationship with America might be more special than the UK’s and Boris.”

It could very well be that Brian is correct, and PJW is no antisemite. But him being called one is understandable, given his past double standards when it comes to Israel defending herself against terrorism, as well as his popularity among real antisemites. Be that as it may, surely he understands that his video insinuating that Bibi is somehow pulling the strings with Trump is at best a dog whistle to that following he enjoys.

My suspicion is PJW is a know-it-all who likes to project a “fuck you” attitude to anyone he feels like. But with the large following that he has, he should be more responsible and not contribute to negative feelings about Jews, which I argue he is doing.

I certainly wouldn’t be sharing his stuff.

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