Has Paul Joseph Watson Been Blue And White Pilled?


You may remember a few months ago I made a video about a YouTube commentator called Paul Joseph Watson (PJW). In the world of alternative media and especially rebuttal vs mainstream media fake news about Brexit, Trump and the conservative right in general, PJW is a big star. His YouTube channel has passed 1 million subscribers and he regularly hosts a show on Infowars which reaches a very large audience.

On Friday night he put out a video about the reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem announcement. His video is pretty well perfect (in his sarcastic British style):

Can we lay to rest all mention of his 2014 Gaza video which I analysed? I think so.

Since the last time Israel was involved in a major conflict with Hamas in Gaza (2014) a whole lot of people have woken up to the agenda of the mainstream media. I don’t think it is important which aspects of the MSM’s Fake News agenda cause a person to be “red pilled”. Whether Brexit in the UK, Trump in the US or a number of other examples where the MSM is manipulative and flat out deceptive, the result is the same.

One thing people do as they start waking up is to look at which major groups are lining up on various sides of any story. When PJW and others look at the long list of those condemning this decision and the list of those supporting it, they realise that the “Palestinian cause” is a common division point.

Black Lives Matter, almost the entire progressive and far-left, and the forces of no borders, no nations and globalism all support Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel and champion the Palestinians against Israel. And immediately we see the same malicious intent from the media: Palestinian violence and intransigence are downplayed and any defensive or reactive acts by Israel are headlines. PJW nearly always finds himself lining up against those groups and I think he’s come to see how his previous views on Israel were completely coloured by main stream anti-Israel biases.

Someone on Twitter criticised me for a while every time I shared his videos: I said to her, I think he’s good, I think an increasing awareness of Islam will have made him reconsider views on Israel. Just after this video came out that person DM’d me:

“I owe you a huge apology and a huge debt of gratitude to you when you messaged me (above) regarding my anger towards Paul Joseph Watson. I hope you will see I have since refrained from those quips against him and see the much large picture. His video tonight on Trump and Jerusalem is just inspired.

In 4.45 minutes Watson has managed to crystallise the entire anti-Semitic Left/Islam alliance through the Trump announcement, exposing the Left/Islamists for the anti-Semites they truly are. I would never have expected such a video from Watson until my dialogue with you above. I wonder what SyriaGirl thinks about it all? Thank you for listening.”

And I think PJW is indicative of a large number of people who’ve started arriving at the same conclusion.

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