Richard Silverstein’s Latest Post An Example of His Buffoonery and Evil


In a post entitled BREAKING: F-16s Damaged in Israeli Flood Constitute Doomsday Force for Retaliatory Nuclear Attack, anti-Israel douchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein reports how the recent flooding in Israel damaged at least 8 of our F-16 planes at the Hatzor base. About the base and the planes, he had this to say:

It houses Squadron 101, whose F-16s would be tasked with executing massive retaliation should an enemy wipe out Israel’s Jericho ICBM’s situated at its Sdot Micha (also known as Sdot Ha’Elah) base.

Squadron 101 is one of the air force’s most elite units. One of whose former commanders was once shot down and captured by Syria. Despite being tortured, he refused to expose any of Israel’s nuclear secrets. The Syrians eventually tortured him to death.

Though the mission of this unit as described above has never been published before, I learned it after Israel HaYom published an especially harsh criticism of the accident. The reporter alluded to the fact that the unit was part of an especially critical mission that demanded constant readiness. On reading this, I subsequently learned from an informed source what the mission of these F-16s at Hatzor is. In the event of a war in which an Israeli enemy destroys the country’s ICBM missiles, Squadron 101 would be tasked with attacking the enemy with weapons from Israel’s nuclear stockpile. Thus, the unit is a key element of Israel’s Doomsday Defense as well as part of its nuclear deterrent.

Assuming Silverstein really does have a “source”, he has again been duped.

Anyone who knows anything about this topic will tell you that the 101st is a mostly intercept-focused squadron, using the oldest F-16s in the inventory. For instance:

The 101st Squadron specializes in intelligence collection under special conditions. The squadron’s “Barak” aircraft are equipped with a special system adjusted according to activity in all weather conditions. According to the collected intel, the air force’s planned flight routes can change entirely.

The “mission” he mentions, if it exists, would be conducted by the aircraft with the most chances of success, namely the Sufa (F-16I) and Ra’am (F-15I), which specialize in air-to-ground. As National Interest reports

Israel’s first nuclear weapons were likely gravity bombs delivered by fighter aircraft. The F-4 Phantom is thought to be the first delivery system; as a large, twin-engine robust fighter, the Phantom was probably the first aircraft in the Israeli Air Force capable of carrying a first generation nuclear device. A new, smaller generation of nuclear gravity bombs likely equips F-15I and F-16I fighters.

In other words, Silverstein’s “scoop” is his usual bovine excrement.

Be that as it may, Silverstein believes it to be true, which paints his post in a more sinister light. It seems to me that he is trying to undermine Israel’s military standing while empowering the Iranians, even egging them on to attack us while our “nuclear attack” planes are grounded.

He even tweeted out this story not just once, but numerous times.

Silverstein is followed by many haters, and is a constant guest on Iran’s Press TV. It is not a stretch to believe his post is intended to encourage Iran to attack us.

It is certainly less of a stretch than the one in Silverstein’s post.

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