Anti-Israel Tweeter Falsely Implies Actor RJ Mitte Broke Bad on Israel


An anti-Israel British Filmmaker tweeted the following about Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte:

It was amplified by others.

While it may not have been her intention (but probably was), the tweet implies RJ is anti-Israel, given the keffiyeh can be seen to be a symbol of palestinian terrorism.

I am happy to report this is almost certainly not the case.

Assuming his shirt is a “keffiyeh print” to begin with, I posit it was not a political statement.

For a start, RJ is associated with the Ruderman foundation

(Courtesy of the Ruderman Family Foundation via JTA)

The Ruderman Foundation is deeply Zionist. Besides “Disability Inclusion Advocacy”, the other type of advocacy mentioned on their website is “Israel-American Jewish Relations.”

Plus there’s this:

A hater would never have tweeted this.

So don’t be fooled by those trying to mislead. This was not a case of Casey.

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