Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Chris Harper (Cabarete, Dominican Republic)

Meet Chris Harper.

A blues musician, Chris is also a blue party man, and a big fan of Bernie Sanders.

Naturally, he also hates Israel and supports BDS

But don’t be fooled. His antipathy towards Israel clearly stems from antipathy towards the Jewish people, about whom he spreads the usual antisemitic tropes, refers to as the “synagogue of Satan,” compares to the Nazis, and spreads fake quotes and news

And shares things from noted antisemites

Of course, Harper will deny he is antisemitic

(seriously learn how to spell, nincompoop)

thinking if he sticks word “Zionist” in front of Jews, all is good

Besides, he supports a Jewish president!

and some of his best friends are Jewish!

You know where you can stick your harmonica, Chris.

Thanks for playing Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite. Unfortunately, you lose!

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