Gaza Health Ministry Guidelines for Coronavirus Prevention

The following post comes with a satire warning


Following in Israel’s footsteps, Hamas in Gaza has issued their own health guidelines to deal with preventing the spread of coronavirus.

  1. Practice social distancing.
ali abunimah cow

2. Avoid social gatherings.

3. Certainly avoid physical contact

4. If you absolutely cannot help yourself, at least wear your masks

especially when around the children and the elderly.

5. Only masks covering entire face except the eyes are approved for use.

Not approved

6. Don’t touch your face, even to scratch your nose.

7. Use hand sanitizers before and after throwing rocks and molotov cocktails, and certainly avoid eating at the same time.

8. Don’t kiss or breath on objects.

Thank you for your cooperation. Remember, we are trying to avoid scenes like this:

And if you do not cooperate, you know the drill.

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