Gaza Imam’s Gloating Over Coronavirus Victims Does Not Age Well


Meet Gazan Imam Jamil Al-Mutawa.

He claims the coronavirus is a “soldier” of Allah, which has severely affected the United States, Israel, Iran, Italy, and China, while leaving the Palestinians and Gazans unaffected (hat tip: Maks).

Which beggars the question: if he brags that the Muslims are the people who are least infected, how come he also brags that in Iran, there is a new victim every 8 minutes? What are Iranians, chopped liver?

It must also be said that this sermon has not aged well; the day after this sermon, two cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed in the Gaza Strip.

I guess Imam better hope neither of those infected – or anyone who came into contact with them – were in the mosque at the time of his hate-fest.

And remember scenes like this – especially when Gazans and the Israel-haters complain how they are “locked-in” by the so-called siege, and hence in danger of contracting the coronavirus.

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