Message to the Antisemites: Sue Me!


Following my post about the antisemitic Facebook posts of Bill Holoboff, one of his Facebook friends had this to say (language warning):

I have to say, I am rather confused by this. Given my posts are made up of the subjects’ own social media posts, along with my opinion based on them that what we are seeing is antisemitism, I am not sure what they would be suing me for.

I assume he means libel, but given the posts clearly fall under all definitions of antisemitism, they wouldn’t stand a chance of winning.

Which is why I think it is a great idea! Please sue me for replicating your very own social media posts, which you shared publicly. The idea of you going bankrupt does not bother me at all. #sorrynotsorry

It is also confusing because these Jew haters are all bravado when it comes to disseminating their hate in their echo chamber. But the minute me or someone else shares their posts to a wider audience consisting of actual decent people…At least wear your Jew hatred proudly!

P.S I don’t think Bill’s response to the suggestion he sue me would help his case much.

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