Scam “Gaza” Fundraising Campaigns Sprouting Up; Is Hamas Behind Them?

In recent times, a number of crowdfunding campaigns, supposedly for poor people in Gaza, have arisen.

I say “supposedly”, because they seem to be scams (hat tip: Michal).

Exhibit A

The situation is getting worse in Gaza .. We are on the verge of collapse … support us by helping us please

Hello all my friends, I wish you a blessed day … I wish the compassionate hearts to help me and my family, I am Maram from Gaza I live in the affected Gaza without any income .. I have 4 children we live in only one room of asbestos that does not protect us from the cold of winter or heat Summer .. We need food, food, milk and pampers for children and all the requirements of life that we live in difficult circumstances under the poverty line .. I hope all my friends to look at my situation in the eyes of compassionate 🙏🙏

Waiting for your help and love you all💖💖💖

Will any of my children donate to me in besieged Gaza ???

Your donation will improve our life

Except the photos on the crowdfunding page are not of a poor family in Gaza; they are of residents of Mughar and the caves in the Al-Musafer area, south of Hebron, who voluntarily live in caves and maintain the old village style of living.

Exhibit B

Hello friends!
I organized this fundraiser to help a very poor family of 3 children in Gaza, Palestine, it was a big family and one of them, who is actually attending school to be able to help his family even more did not know how to pay for grad school.

As we know, the people of Gaza have been subjected to a brutal siege of Israel since 2008. Gaza is now the largest open-air prison in the world. People are without basic necessities. Electricity is intermittent. Drinking water is scarce. Gazans have to pay rent, buy household goods and pay off debts while living under the constant threat of an air attack. Violence in Gaza is escalating, especially since President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. These families find it difficult to stay alive.

Unemployment is high. The ports are closed. Gaza Airport has been demolished. Israel closed the border with Egypt at Rafah: for a day or two every few months, the border is open, then only for special cases.

Precious and innocent children need a lot. The funds raised will be used to provide milk, food, clothing, blankets, bottled water, medicine, rent payments and huge debt payments and finance operation of little Ahmed, this little boy requires a surgical procedure and for that theyask 300 $ for the costs.

I ask for your help. Any donation will make a significant contribution to helping this poor family. Could you please help me help them?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via this GoFundMe page for any questions or concerns you may have about this fundraiser.

Please spread the word to kind people who would like to help with any amount of money .. whatever they can as it would be a great help!

May God accept your good deeds. Please donate and share.

Except the campaign photo of the girl is not from Gaza; she is from Mosul.

Exhibit C

Hello everyone. friends. Families 3 days ago at 1 pm 6.3.2020 A fire occurred in central Gaza due to gas leakage from a tank and the explosion of a 48 kilo gas pipeline in a bakery, which led to a fire in it and in many of the neighboring shops, and severe damage was caused. The result of this bloody accident killed 10 citizens: four children, three women, three men and more than 60 Injury due to this massive fire. One of the forms of this suffering is: a wife and her children escaping from the fire to a clothing store adjacent to the bakery. Also, there were seven men standing on a wall to save a man with a hole from fire, and the wall fell in them, as the rate of material damage amounted to more than two million dollars. What was damaged as a result of this fire is a clothing store, an exchange, a restaurant and a hospital for people with special needs. And their homes and businesses, I ask to collect as much money as possible to help them rebuild their lives. No small donation, all help! By doing this, we will create hope for these families, and thank you for your donation.

Except that large photo is of fires in Chile.

Exhibit D

Except that’s not a photo of a kid from Gaza. It’s a Syrian child featuring on the UNICEF website.

The question is: is money donated to these scam campaigns going to end up in the hands of Hamas?

Either way, let’s help get these shut down.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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