Dan Aykroyd: “I Want To Go Back (to Israel)”


In case you didn’t know it, listening to Dan Aykroyd is enough to give the Israel-haters the Blues.

In 2008, he traveled to Israel with a friend involved with the HESEG Foundation. As he explained, the organization “encourages [IDF enlistees] to stay and have kids in Israel, instead of going back to wherever they came from. So, they have housing projects, subsidies, et cetera. So, if a Polish or South African officer is serving in the IDF, and he wants to stay in Israel, and wants to have his family there, they make it happen.”

His tour also took him “right on the Galilee and near the Golan Heights” in addition to Tel Aviv, where the air force “scrambled a couple of jets for me.”

“A man and a woman about 19 or 20, got into these F-18s and took off. It was so impressive. It was really just great. The rest of the region there has no air power that can compare to Israel – thank God. Just to see those professionals doing a good job such a young age, is really cool.”

(did he just say israellycool? – Aussie Dave)

“As a Christian going there, I really enjoyed it. I want to go back.”

Those of us following Dan Aykroyd and his views on Israel and the Jewish people won’t be surprised in the slightest by this.

It is always a pleasure when someone whose work you admire also happens to be an admirable person in real life.

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