WATCH: Hanan Ashrawi Claims “Israel’s Source of Legitimacy is the Palestinians”


Remember the Travel Palestine website, described as “The Official Site For Tourism In Palestine,” and which once claimed palestinian history “envelops more than one million years”?

In the long and storied history of palestinian Arab doozies – which include some of the most ridiculous lies the world has ever seen – that would rank right up there.

But in a recent Zoom session with fellow Israel-haters, seasoned palestinian propaganda expert Hanan Ashrawi seems to have tried to outdo this.

She had me at “Israel’s source of legitimacy is the palestinians”(!). Makes total sense – what is thousands of years of Jewish history when you can take your legitimacy from a rabble of Arabs from all over the Middle East who have settled in your homeland and claim it as their own?

Actually, the exact opposite is true; the legitimacy of the palestinian identity is predicated entirely on Israel’s existence – without us, there would be no distinct palestinian identity to use as a way to try eradicate us.

But then to claim we “know they are the indigenous people of the land”(!) and they “are living within a rules-based system”(!) and have “committed [themselves] to human rights”(!) – I just can’t!

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