CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Denies Any Business Relationship With Antisemite Sheri Alvandian

A few days ago, I exposed anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Sheri Alvandian, president of a Source Promotions, an independent contractor/distributor in the Institutional Foodservice industry markets.

Source Promotions’ website seemed to indicate that their clients include California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Reader Michal contacted them to let them know about Alvandian’s vile posts. They responded:

Subject: FW: Complaint – Anti-Jewish racism – CDCR supplier Source Promotions

Good afternoon,

In response to your complaint below, we have reviewed our records and confirmed CDCR does not conduct business with the contractor named. Both the business name and personal name were searched. You will receive notice from our Office of Civil Rights for your records. If you have any other specific detail to share, please reach out to me directly as my office has opened a case based on your complaint.

So either Alvandian was lying (sounds familiar) or the CDCR is trying to dissociate themselves from her.

Either way, it seems she is about to learn that Jew hatred comes with a price.

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