The Backlash Against Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield Continues


Even more responses have trickled in from companies whose logos appeared on the business website of anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Saskia Whitfield.


From: Customer Support – CXO <>
Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 3:17 PM
Subject: Inquiry with Volvo Cars Customer Experience Operations: Case Number 00756044


Thank you for contacting Customer Experience Operations.

We encourage feedback and appreciate when the online community contacts us with information related to our brand. I would like to assure you that Volvo Cars does not encourage any form of bullying or discriminatory behavior.

I have forwarded this to the concerned department and requested them to look into it. They will address it directly with the concerned party.

Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,


Customer Experience Operations


Andreas Stihl Limited:

From: <>
Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 5:51 PM
Subject: FW: Your contractor Saskia Whitfield is posting racist hate speech on social media

Thank you for contacting STIHL GB with your concerns, I am sorry to hear of these social media posts. I have liaised with our Marketing Team and they do not appear to have been a supplier of the Marketing Team in the UK. Our logo used on the website supplied doesn’t look correct, with the red outline and would not be one we would supply for use to any suppliers. I am currently completely more investigations and will come back to you once they are complete.

Kind Regards,

Claire Sceeny

Customer Relations Adviser

Andreas Stihl Limited

Age UK London:

I hope you are well, thank you for raising this with us.

We are Age UK London, the regional branch, rather than the national charity Age UK – the logo of which Saskia Whitfield lists on her website. We can therefore absolutely confirm that Age UK London has never worked with Saskia Whitfield and we will not work with her in future, as such views are entirely contrary to our core values.

I have passed your message on to our brand partners at the National Age UK, so that they can take action as it is their logo that appears on the website. They will be able to confirm with you if they have ever worked with Saskia and what they will now do in response.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,


George Harvey

Communications Officer

Age UK London

Pets at Home:

Good morning,

I was horrified and disgusted to see your e-mail, I personally have a zero tolerance for any sort of racism, discrimination, hatred or disrespectful and disgusting behaviour as such!

I would’ve hoped that this is not someone we would hire but it does clearly states in your attachment, I will be forwarding this to anyone and everyone to make sure action is taken! I will not settle for just letting my team leader know, I will definitely be contacting HR and the people team.

It is very upsetting to see that she works for so many companies and not one has noticed this, thank you for sending this over and bringing my attention to this. I will not be letting this go easily!

Thank you so much and I can update you with any progress

All the best,

Natalia Kaminska

Customer Service Advisor

As you can from these responses and the previous ones, the organizations seem appalled by her antisemitism. Not only that, but a few seem to indicate that use of their logos on her site was fraudulent!

I suspect Whitfield has already been contacted and is aware of the backlash, given she has removed the menu item ‘Clients’ from her website – although she has sneakily kept the Clients page alive.

The question is: will she learn from this, reflect on her words, and renounce her antisemitic ways?

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