About the “Elderly Man” Who Palestinians Claim Died of Medical Neglect in Israeli Prison


Elderly Palestinian dies after 26 years in Israeli prison decries antisemitic rag the Electronic Intifada

A Palestinian prisoner died on Wednesday after 26 years in Israeli prison.

Palestinian human rights groups and political parties accused Israel of years of medical neglect in the death of Saadi al-Gharabli.

Israeli prison authorities transferred al-Gharabli from Eshel prison in the south to the Kaplan Medical Center in central Israel a few days before he died. He was reportedly unconscious.

Al-Gharabli, 75, suffered from various medical conditions, including prostate cancer. Israeli prison authorities failed to provide him with adequate medical treatment.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said al-Gharabli faced the “slow killing” of medical negligence over years of imprisonment.

Needless to say, there is no proof of medical negligence. Rather, this is what the palestinians always claim when a prisoner with serious injuries or illness deteriorates or dies.

What you can be sure about is this “elderly Palestinian” was a murderous terrorist; he was convicted of the murder of an Israeli in Tel Aviv in 1994.

Update: According to Ha’aretz reporter Josh Breiner, Al-Gharabli’s victim was an Israeli friend, who he butchered with a knife when he fell asleep (hat tip: Tomer).


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