NFL Player Zach Banner: “We Need to Uplift (the Jewish Community) and Put Our Arms Around Them”


Following the despicable antisemitic posts of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, I have been bemoaning the lack of an adequate response from the NFL, as well as wokesters and people who claim to be anti-racism. It seems there is a cancel culture except when it comes to spreading hated against Jews.

So I was really touched by Steelers offensive tackle Zach Banner’s heartfelt video addressing antisemitism within the Black community like that disseminated by Jackson.

Amen brother.

It is important to note that Zach Banner has participated in Black Lives Matter protests in Pittsburgh since the death of George Floyd. As I have said in the past, one can support the cause while speaking out against the antisemitism within the movement.


You sure are a mensch, Zach.

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